Monday, September 27, 2010

It was oh so fun

Song: Everybody by Ingrid Michaelson

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


This weekend one of my very BFFs Ashlie came to visit!  Ashlie and I met in 2004 while working at Dillard's.  She and Luke had just gotten married and E and I were married less than a year.  All of us instantly became friends and did lots and lots together.  We celebrated every birthday by going out to eat together, lots of trips and just so many good and funny times.  And wouldn't you know it...we each have two boys, Sawyer and Cole 4 months apart and Ollie and Max 9 months apart.

Here we are in 2005 outside Halle Berry's house

Aren't they so cute?!
max, ashlie, cole
It was a too short trip, Saturday to Monday, but we packed in lots of fun, going to the mall, feeding ducks, swimming...

I have a crush on this baby lately. He is at such a darling age!  He's obedient (mostly) and just starting to combine words and trying to be a big boy.

Sawyer loved having Cole here.  Made me think for half a second it would've been kinda fun for Sawyer to be a twin!  Within 10 minutes of being up in the morning they were playing "hide n sink" as S calls it :)

Miss you guys!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Is this thing on?

We're back!
And no one was more excited for that news than Mr. E.

The boys and I spent the last two weeks in Utah being soooo busy and having sooo much fun.

Naturally, I left my camera at my parent's house.  My momma sent it today (thank you!) so more snap shots to come.  For now you have to settle for some shots from my photo shoot as they are the only pics I've got.

for you Utahns, this is in Riverton...the mountains are those in Draper, Lone Peak I believe?

he had to have a sippy or fruit snacks, period

We had a lot of fun.  Including:
meeting up with friends for playdates, movies, dinner, crafting
getting my hair done, thanks Rachie!!
family parties
hanging out with my sisters *tear, sniffle*
utah state fair with my brother and family
Sawyer driving a convertible Mustang ie the greatest moment of his life
Park City business retreat (and a pedicure)
lots of late night crafting
movies in the theater room
finishing 2 quilts, almost a third done and a fourth completely planned
playing with grandma and grandpa
getting super sick (all of us)
lunch dates with my brother, sister in law, mommy
watching murders with my dad not real ones silly
killing a GINORMOUS mountain tarantula w/my mom and 2 shovels
Swiss Days craft fair
going to the park with my sister's 9 kids
visiting the 10th kid in COLLEGE!

As for Mr E, he deserves a bit more attention, don't you think?  He's been working at a hospital in his IM (internal medicine) rotation.  It's intense.  He gets his own patients.  He was just listing all these problems a patient of his has, tons and tons.  I asked how old he was thinking he's in his 80's or 90's.  He's 57.  Made me cry.  No I'm not pregnant.

We're glad to have daddy back.

Sorry about my once a week posts.  Not gonna happen.  I will show you if I ever do anything :)

We got callings.  I am the new beehive advisor (eeek!) and E teaches youth sunday school.

The boys are medium about nursery.  Actually Ollie is fine, Sawyer has started having a hard time with it.  I can't believe he will soon be a sunbeam.

Did I mention that my boys are fighting more than ever? 
Hopefully it was just Utah, but Ollie has started getting agressive.  He throws things at Sawyer. Aims for the head.  Head butts.  Boys?  Brothers.
 Getting late, and I'm getting random.