Sunday, November 21, 2010


Can you all believe it?
I know you've been on the edges of your seat waiting for my much anticipated 150th family post!

To make everyone sufficiently awkward I'm going to ask what is your favorite post :) 
Please vote so I don't feel like a fool.
I picked from popular posts as well as some personal favorites.
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Since we're voting, let's take another poll.
What's more embarrassing?

This little (not yet 2 year old) walks around the house half the day whining;
"Geo Bot, mom. Geo Bot"
characters from his favorite tv show Team Umizoomi


That Sawyer calls Honey Nut Cheerios
"Yellow Fruit Loops"


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Year after Year

the last few years about this time...
Sawyer: Almost 6 months. A lot less crying. So much happier.
Me: Rocking Sawyer way less. Getting sleep.
E: Working. Waiting to hear from schools.
Us: Living with mom and dad. Mastering Guitar Hero. Late night movies.

Sawyer: Ridiculously cute. Talking a lot. So much fun.
Me: 7 months pregnant. Making friends. Getting ready for surprise family visit.
E: Studying. Studying. Eating. Studying. Quick nap.
Us: Away from family. Exploring. Snuggling on the couch.

Oliver: Almost 1. So so happy. Smiles. Crawling.
Sawyer: Big brother. Potty trained. Discovered love for scooters.
Me: Enjoying friends. Knitting. Crocheting.
E:Studying. Studying. Hang out w me. Repeat.
Us: Will be moving to AZ. Got back from Chicago. Preparing for a Florida Christmas.

Oliver: Talking. Wanting to be Sawyer. Rascal. Funny.
Sawyer: Crazy. Sweet. Smart. Wants to go. go. go.
Me: Quilting. Being w family. Discovering new places. Meeting new people.
E: Learning. Excited. New places every few weeks. Discovering his calling.
Us: Together. Surviving. Planning. Happy.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Welcome To Suburbia

Halloween was stupendous.
Our street was amazing.
There was a home that had at least 75 things on their lawn that screamed, moved, jumped out.
We actually had trick-or-treaters.
Oliver and Sawyer

Again, that baseball costume was my uniform as a kid. Sniffle.

We hit a pumpkin patch.
Not only for a pumpkin, but a hay ride, saw animals, bounce house, the works. 
S had his hand on E's leg the whole ride.
I kinda thought it was the sweetest thing.

We carved pumpkins.
Sawyer loved taking out their guts.
It was a little too gross for Ollie. 
They sure did love lighting them up.

Ward Carnival...amazing 
 Um they kinda didn't mention there were 3 photos.

Gym carnival complete with a very spooky haunted house.

I was there with girnormous lips baby!
Speaking of BABY this guy is 2 in a couple of months!!!

And of course, E was on-call for the weekend.
How sad is that?
Poor guy.

We did all go trick-or-treating together in the end.
And ate candy together.
That counts.