Monday, June 29, 2009

Accident Photos

Okay, the best picture first: He's here! You can pinch him and it hurts, you can tickle him and he giggles...we are blessed beyond measure to get a picture of Sawyer and E reuniting after three weeks apart, after such a crazy accident. E promises he will never pull such a stunt again.

Feel free to view just the photos, here's a little bit of the story. E thought he'd be able to make it to Cheyenne, he knew he was tired, but thought he'd make it fine. Well he dozed off and the rumble strip woke him, he saw a pole and over corrected. From there I am not exactly positive what happened, I know he twisted, turned and flipped, he went through the median to the other side of traffic, and ultimately landed upright on the other side, just on the side lane. Thankfully there was no other traffic, other than the two ladies who saw the accident and called 911 for him. He remembers seeing the pole and going through the median. He blacked out and came to in the car with the ladies telling him not to move. He says he saw his backpack on the ground and went to open the door to get it, they told him not to move. He also mentioned he thought it was extreme that they pried the door open, he didn't realize the damage, he was definitely in shock.

He remembers everything from there on out, he went to the ER and they did lots of tests to determine he's PERFECT ;) He had to stay at the hospital overnight, he has contusions on his lungs, but those will heal. On Sunday, at 4 am, my brother (more on him in a minute) came to get me and Oliver and we took the 6 hour trek to get my E. Everything came together, he was discharged as soon as we got there, and in an hour and a half we were back on the road. He has been in pain since, his left hand to shoulder are very swollen and tender, but have been getting better everyday. Here is his hand:

And here is Estelle, may she rest in peace...

And finally, about ONE of the best big brothers in the world (I have 4). Rich picked me up at 4 am on FATHER's DAY, not knowing if E would be able to come home with us, but knowing that E was alone in a hospital and I wanted to see him desperately. He drove his car, insisting on paying for gas (but I think we got one tank in there) and chatted with me for 6 hours. When we got there he dropped me off, went to the junk yard, took pictures and got the bags and bags of our things, then he went to the accident site and found tons of our things, including E's cell phone still beeping in the median!! We didn't get home until 10:30 pm, and I am just so grateful for such an amazing brother, thanks Rich.

And E...never again. You mean way too much to me, Sawyer and Oliver. Right after I heard about the accident, the boys started crying and I went into the room, and 4 big brown eyes were looking back at me, and I just saw you in their faces. That image and feeling will stay in my heart never again my love. You are way too important and absolutely irreplaceable.

We are so so blessed.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

He's okay

For those of you who haven't heard, which is probably most of you, Ernesto was in a car accident early this morning in Cheyenne, WY on his way to see us in Utah. He's okay. He fell asleep and hit a pole and rolled our Escape, when he came to a nurse and her mother were there and told him not to move, that they had called for an ambulance. They took him to the ER and did all sorts of scanning and tests, but apparently he is completely okay, aside from bruising. My phone was downstairs and I was asleep upstairs, so I found out at 8 am after a string of phone calls to my in-laws, my parents, my sister and finally to me. I am grateful because I knew right away he was okay and I was talking to him within 15 mins. He is about 6 hours away and right now we are working on getting up there, waiting to hear when he can be released. (As I am posting I'm on hold with our insurance.)
I love you E.
And, today is our sweet baby boy's second birthday. E wanted to be here for it. I'll have to post another time and gush over our amazing Sawyer, but today a picture will do.
I will keep you all posted.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Our Days