Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blog tips and secrets

So I've had questions about my blog and things that I do to make it look cuter, so I thought I'd spill all my resources! Truth is, most of what I do I've learned how to on other blogs. I've learned that being creative with the look of my blog gives me the same high that crafting does, wahoo!

Two things first:

1. Most likely you'll want to use some kind of photo editing software for a lot of these things (but not all). I used Adobe Photoshop. I know there are tons of free ones online you can use or download (however I don't know any of them :).

2. Don't be scared of html.

Before you try any of the tricks to change the look of your blog, SAVE YOUR BLOG TO YOUR HARD DRIVE. Also when you try something in your html click on PREVIEW first, then save if it worked click to enlarge


I found a great blog that I love, called Kevin and Amanda. She's one that does it all, she talks photography, crafting, scrapbooking and she has TONS of really cute free fonts. Here she tells you how to change the fonts. Of all the things I've done on my blog, this took the longest, about an hour start to finish and you've got to do it when you can concentrate. I'll tell you though...I don't know how many time I freshened my blog the next day just to see the new look, bless my heart.


I don't know if you've noticed, but Cutest Blog on the Block has tons of blog design tips (careful some are just ads!) including how to add a signature to your posts. They also show you how to remove pesky border lines around your header, how to center your gadgets and loads of other things.

So there you go! Hope you find it useful!

Monday, February 22, 2010

These boys

Sawyer after sledding
The other day Ollie barfed a little on the floor. A nice natural color, blue. Definitely not from some artificial food like, say, Fruit Loops. Definitely not from that.
Ernesto gives one swipe with an unscented wipe.
Sawyer immediately runs his hands over the spot,
"Mmmmmm smells like flowers."

I laid on my back on the floor and let out a nice painful groan.
Sawyer: Mom are you okay??
Yes, just my back hurts.
You need to see the doctor?
Off Sawyer goes to get his doctors kit and starts checking my ears and my heart.
He also gave me a shot.

He can sing all the words to Imagine, David Archuletta style.

He took my remote keys from the van to his little matchbox cars.
He held the remote right in front of a red convertible pushing the buttons with all his might.
That would've been cool if it worked.

He's learning to spell his name.
We used magnets from the fridge.
His first attempt:
Oliver in his leisure suit at Walmart.
He can pull a major attitude these days.
We were out to dinner and he was crying.
E holds out a Nilla Wafer to him. He turns his head away and bats at it.
Ollie reconsiders and reaches for the wafer.
He then hucks it to the ground. Nice.

He stands below our keys reaching with all his might.
I hand him a set.
He throws them to the ground until I give him the one with a remote.

He can say "nose" and loves to pick his own and then touch ours.

He walks around the house with his arms outstretched saying "holdyou" (all one word) about 1/3 of the day.

Since the beginning of the year he has been on at least 4 rounds of antibiotics for some pretty nasty ear infections.
We may be talking tubes soon.

That's what's up with Stink 1 and Stink 2.

Monday, February 15, 2010

If you were wondering...

I've mentioned to some of you before that I was going to use the shirt from E's accident to make some kind of craft. Well I did, and it's posted on my crafty blog if you wanna check it out.... just click on the FRESH POPPY DESIGN button just to the right.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

♥♥♥ xoxo ♥♥♥

Happy Valentine's Day!
To all that we wish we were nearer to, we l♥ve you.
maybe tomorrow you'll get to see the photos that didn't make the cut :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The happiest place on Earth


All day long I tell you...
L to R: Ellie, Megan, Oliver, Sawyer, Ernesto, Celia (Nana), Papa (Ernesto Sr), Jakob, Celi, Todd, Daniel, Liam, Laura, Patrick

At Nana and Papa's

A party for Oliver:

Sawyer switched up his goofy face.

We love you Jimenez Family!!

2 nights, 1 nap

Sawyer at 9 months

Sawyer has been without his binky now for 24 hours. Yes he's 2 1/2. And yes, he's even potty trained but HAD a binky.

I expected this to be monumental. Harder than potty training. I thought I'd be reading books for weeks in preparation for the horrible day.

Last night we got his binky and he had bit it open, again. So I told him we had to go buy more, at Walmart, of course. He was extremely tired, no nap yesterday. He cried and whined about it for 15 minutes. I wanted to give in, it was completely unplanned. But then, he quieted and went to sleep....hmmm....

He didn't mention it this morning. He whined about it for 30 seconds at naptime.

Tonight, not a word or mention of the beloved binky.

Don't worry Sawyer, I don't have a problem with your two blankies, you can take them on your mission as far as I'm concerned :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sometimes you need a break...

And an amazing break is what we got in Florida. Here's a little taste of the first part of our two week vacation visiting in Orlando with family. There are no pictures of this, but one of my favorite things was showering and getting ready, by myself, EVERY DAY!!

A dinner and pirate show

Mini golf

E's family, his sisters, mom and our nephew

Lucky Sawyer, three big boy cousins ready to play

I seriously wish I could adopt this sweet girl. She's the only princess of the grandkids, and she doted on my boy's the entire time. They loved her and we love her too!!

Don't ask why it took me so long to get this post up, just a few projects
(crafty blog, two knit baby hats, sparkly love, blog design, laundry, a million crocheted flowers, Sawyer, mod podge shelf, cleaning out O's room, Oliver, Lovely Bones, E, dinners, tons of headbands, 2 knit momma hats, constant flow of ideas in this tiny little head...)
Cross your fingers, tomorrow night Florida round 2.