Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas

Friday, December 19, 2008

So THIS is an ice storm

I've heard about ice storms, but never really knew what they were! Alas, I am enlightened. Holy cow! I was waiting until it was late enough this morning and called my sisters and mom because I wanted to talk to people about the weather! Last night about 7 pm I was outside and it was raining slush and so cold, so I knew what that was a recipe for. This morning when I looked outside, I was so surprised. Our front three steps are covered in pure ice, as is our driveway or "ice rink" pictured below. The car is completely encased! I thought it was frozen to the ground. Anyone looking for a last minute gift for me, an ice pick would be great. I sat there for a few minutes chipping at my handle with my keys. Then I got the car started and scraped forever!

Aren't they so pretty? Here are some bushes right out our door completely iced with a few remaining leaves and berries.
Here is a decent view of the car.
That is the back window rolled down and a sheet of ice over it.
And a little he is getting his groove on at a church Christmas party! He has been dancing so intensely lately, it's hilarious. Apparently, according to the show So You Think You Can Dance, he krumps.
Hope everyone is keeping nice and toasty. As my friend said today, now I really understand what it means when they say "Utah, the greatest snow on earth." Because it's true!!! Nice and white and fluffy...

Monday, December 15, 2008

And we're back!

Congrats to E on breaking our record for # of comments, he's so popular. For those of you who didn't know, our computer had been broken so I feel like I've been so out of it! I've been able to access the internet through E's laptop, but other than that I've felt so helpless without all my stuff. So this last week my friends threw me a spectacular baby shower, aren't they so sweet! So here is the one of two shots I got of all of us ;) I got some super cute things, ate some delicous mint ice cream with fudge and got to hang out! Thanks to Tamara especially for putting everything together!

To the little funny man. When he wakes up in the morning and from naps he hordes all of the things in his bed, binkys, blankets, babys, I got a mug shot the other day. Here he has two binkys in his left hand, two blankets on his left shoulder and his baby on his right...such a funny he broke his own personal best and brought SIX binkys down from his nap, they were falling all over the place, so he'd cry and we'd stop and he would somehow manage to hold them all again for a minute, and then another would fall...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Birthday E!

Happy Birthday E!
Happy happy birthday to my love! I have an amazing husband who I am so grateful for, he loves to spend time with us and would choose that over anything in the world, maybe even basketball. A few of his favorite things are BYU football and basketball, The Office, studying, Cadbury mini eggs, Coke, playing any sport, fantasy football, rough housing with Sawyer, food in general, funny video clips, discussing names endlessly with me, and of course Sawyer, baby boy 2 and ME! I hope you have a fantastic birthday, you deserve it.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's SO magical!

The thought of putting up Christmas is a lot more fun, and actually doing it kinda isn't :) But day after Thanksgiving, we got all the goods out and started the work! It was fun for Sawyer, he loves the lights and the balls on the tree. He takes them off at least once a day. He grabbed one of the balls that first night, and said, "ball!" as he threw it and broke it...he throws the nativity too, but luckily it isn't breakable! Here are some of the decorations. Can I tell you there is no way to take a good pic of a lit up Christmas tree? At least with my camera...oh well ;) The stockings I added our initials to, and I think it turned out pretty cute!It was a nice night, and now that we're our own little family, it's cute to see the traditions starting. We had holiday music on, but when we saw it was taking a lot longer than a few tunes, we watched Christmas Story and part of Christmas Vacation, my two favorites to watch every year. We had to end the night with cookies of course, and if you're wondering how to eat a cookie, Sawyer has a good little tutorial below. Cookie is his new favorite word, surprised? It sounds a little like this. "Cookie! Mo(more)? "