Thursday, July 30, 2009

Back Home

We're back to Missouri from Utah. Bittersweet. Getting the kids back on schedule, sweet. Leaving family and not meeting my adorable new nephew Weston, bitter. Coming cross-country in a minivan, bittersweet :)

The first few days home were awful! Craziness of schedule, and the house was a MESS like we just moved in. But now I feel like I'm back into the regular swing of things. I must say I quite miss my mommy making us dinner every night and the delicious lunches she does, I've already been making the salad she made all last summer and this summer for lunch.

The last few days whenever I'm on the computer I've been editing photos from our photo shoot and Utah to put all over the house and send to great-grandma's. Here are a few that I'm loving.

A funny: Sawyer talks a lot more these days, so I told him to say, "Soy loco" which he says quite regularly. For those of you who don't speak Spanish, it's doubly cute because not only do we call him Soy as a nickname, but Soy in Espanol means "I am".
PS We ended up with a Honda Odyssey and love it.

Friday, July 10, 2009


I'd make these two best friends forever and ever and ever and ever bracelets if E would let me :) I had no idea how much these two would adore each other already, awe! Sawyer calls him "Ah-ye" for Ollie and "Er" for Oliver and still calls him baby. Sawyer will sit on the ground by us and say "Hold it hold it hold it" until we give him Oliver. Ollie absolutely LOVES to watch Sawyer play and gives him huge grins whenever he sees him. Sawyer loves to get in Oliver's face and talk baby to him, gives him kisses all the time, and he even tries to rough house. I told E last night I never pictured myself with my first two as little boys, but I am so happy and adore them, now I can't imagine having a girl...don't worry I still want one :)

We are doing well. E's hand is still quite sensitive, but it will heal. Still no car, boo to USAA big time. They better redeem themselves. Today they totally gave us a low offer and I was shocked, and starting to get into it about how the car was worth so much more, so I say, "Our car only had 40k" and she says, "No it says it had 160k"! SERIOUSLY after 3 weeks!?! What a joke. But we're getting a car this week, it's time to head home, so we're on the hunt for a mini van *GaSP*
I am off to knit with my sister. E is playing XBOX with our bro in law Dallan, Ollie is snug in his lap, and Sawyer is snug with his cousins watching Bolt with popcorn. Can't everyday be summer vacation?