Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oh how we love you...

...Mr. Sun! We went to the beautiful lake and had a picnic, threw rocks in the water, played at the park. We love it.

I think I mentioned this before, but since Ollie's hands are always in a fist, Sawyer will give him a pound, (or rocks, stones). It is so funny, I finally got a fuzzy picture. The binky brothers...

And, you can now please call E Mr. First Vice President. He ran again and is 1st vice president for the school. AND you can call me Officer Jimenez. There is a club here for spouses and next year a friend and I will be in charge of project night once a month, and that makes me an officer :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

SO angry!!!

I don't usually use my blog to rant...but it's time to change that. This morning was a hard morning, I was very tired, my own fault, Oliver was fussing and since I was holding him, Sawyer was destroying the house. We were all in our jammies, although diapers were changed :), and I decided we'd go for a ride, Ollie could sleep, Sawyer could watch a movie and the scenery and I could chat with my sisters. Well I get to the car, put Sawyer in his seat, and see our DVD player is gone. I search all over the car, it hangs off the headrest of the passenger's seat for's not in the car. I call my neighbor thinking maybe just maybe she borrowed it, nope. It was there yesterday. I call E, and it's official, someone stole it. We bought it for Spring break after much waiting and thinking. I don't think anything upsets me more! Honestly, someone coming up to our car with TWO baby seats in it, seeing our DVD player and thinking "Hmm I deserve this." I just DO NOT get it. Stealing from another person, especially someone who they very well would know could be STUDENTS and has children. I haven't been good at locking the car since we've had kids. It's just another thing to juggle (the keys), and where our house is, we're at the end of a cul-de-sac, I just can't imagine someone snooping in front of our house, our car is RIGHT in front of our family room and bedroom windows. Not to mention I was up late last night, so the lights were on. I just wish I could see when it happened and who it was.

This happened to us once before, a couple years after we were married, and someone broke my car window and stole ALL my cds. I was so upset. My cds held a lot of sentimental value for me, lots of mixes I remember from high school and college. (And the following Christmas Ernesto filled an entire CD case recreating almost every cd, probably the sweetest gift I've ever received.) I remember at the time I honestly felt violated, I couldn't believe someone would just take my stuff. AND that was the death of my car Lexi, with her broken window things just went downhill.

So the morning started out rough, and I wanted to take a ride to get closer to nap time, and now everyone is napping but me because I'm fuming and writing this post!

So for all my friends that live here in Kville, LOCK YOUR DOORS. AND if any of your neighbors have a new DVD player in the next couple days, find out which brand and call me.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Weekend

The school had an Easter egg hunt at 9 am and then there was a community hunt at 10 am, so we hit both! Sawyer definitely knew what was up, but he'd grab a few eggs, then he'd put some in other people's was very cute and fun! At the second hunt we had to wait for a siren to "go!", that was very hard for him to stand on the sidelines staring at the eggs.

Saturday night.
I set up the family room with LOADS of eggs, leftovers from the day and some I had bought, silly! We also got him a little fire station for matchbox cars, he loved that, he could drive them into garages and over a bridge, and a huge ball!
It was Stake Conference, so thankfully Sawyer got his nap that day! It was too cold outside, so we only took a couple of shots, but my mom made the boys the CUTEST matching outfits!! I will do a photo shoot to show off her work, this is the best pic we got. It is little matching white collared shirts with blue stripes and then matching blue trousers, AWE!

Monday, April 13, 2009


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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Raise Your Hand....

Raise your hand if you want to see Ollie in real life. Our sweet Oliver King turned 3 months yesterday! Here are some things about him.
He is such a smiler, even when he's sad sometimes you can get him to smile in between lippies.
He's kinda chunky!
He is cooing and talking so sweetly to us.
He still will fall asleep on his own sometimes! (Sawyer stopped at like 2 weeks...)
He's a good patient little baby.
He likes his bouncer and the obnoxious bubble sound puts him to sleep.
He loves to be snuggled and will sleep with me as long as I am holding him.
He sleeps next to me when I'm on the treadmill with the TV blasting.
We adore our sweet smiling baby brother. Sawyer kisses him all day long without any prompting, he really loves him. The other day I put Sawyer in his car seat, and Oliver was still inside, and Sawyer started pointing to where Ollie goes repeating "Ah-ye? Ah-ye?".
(I just noticed how the pic above of Ollie smiling matches the pic on the right of Sawyer smiling exactly! Funny! And notice, Sawyer's teeth still don't show when he smiles!)