Saturday, September 27, 2008

A day in the life

Time for another random post. Mostly what's going on here is Sawyer! Man do they change and grow so fast. He is learning a new word everyday and just being so adorable, we can't stand it. Some of his cutest new tricks include prayers. The cutest thing in the world. We say it's time for a prayer, and he sits down and folds his arms, and when the prayer is over he stands up and claps. If we are really lucks, he puts his head down and mumbles. He's become more obsessed with his binky, if at all possible. When we get him up from bed, he frantically searches for as many binky's as he can hold in his hands (we keep all his binkys in his bed) and his blankie before he reaches to get out. Funny boy. So here are some random pics of the growing changing boy. He is so fun, we wish everyone got to see him! Here he is being a major tv junkie, a new thing, and he loves Moose A. Moose from Noggin, for those of you who know. He runs to the tv if he hears his voice.

Here he is with his cute neighbor friend Taylor. They are cute together, she's three months older than him. So we play everyday! Mostly outside and on walks, but they just love having another little one to fight over toys with.

He is a climbing maniac! Getting on top of tables, into cupboards, in the dishwasher and even the oven! So we had to invent a contraption to end the baking...but other than that he is in any spot he can creep into.

So Mr Sawyer is funny with his clothes now. The cute outfit was sent from grandma, and he handed me the vest first, so I put it on him, and then he came back with the shirt, so we threw that on top! Thanks Grandma for the ADORABLE clothes! Then one day we were in our neighbors kiddie pool, we came in for a break, and he requested his monkey jamies, so there you go!

And for the sad news, he is getting majorly beat up here. He has such a huge noggin, if he trips at all he almost always hits his head too. He has come scrapes and bruises right now. But worst of all he burnt his hand AGAIN. It's his other hand, he was in the bathroom with me while I was getting ready and reached and touched my flat iron. SO SAD. Burns are the absolute WORST! So this one wasn't as bad as the one from May. It is blistering, and has broken, but it just isn't nearly as big of a burn. Poor baby.
PS TO ASHLIE I promise I will post pics of my baby bump AND my couch, per your request! I will do so by Saturday October 4th. I took some pics of my belly myself, and they were sooo unattractive, so I need E to snap a few shots and then I will share!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mr. Vice President

So things are going really well for us here, we are liking it a lot, there are so many activities from the school and the ward, I've felt so busy! But things are starting to settle down, so that will be nice. Next week the aquatic center has swimming lessons for mom and baby, so Sawyer is totally looking forward to that ;) And I am finishing up a Christmas quilt right now so I am super excited about that! And for E, he is doing GREAT and would prefer for you to all call him Mr. Vice President! So he totally ran for student government, and we totally campaigned (handed out candies that said, "Let me make your t-shirt", one of the three VP responsibilities. And to seal the deal, Sawyer passed them out.) and he totally won! So not that he doesn't already have a lot on his plate, a billion clubs he belongs to, VP, 1 year old son, whiny pregnant wife and not to mention medical school...but these are all great things for his resume. So sad that it didn't end just getting into medical school, there is still so much competition! That is a little of what we've been up to. We've got some really cute video of Sawyer lately, so maybe there will be another montage soon...

PS I thought I would totally italicize every time I say totally, because it's totally out of control, cuz I'm seriously so blessed...


Thursday, September 11, 2008

We did it!

Our moment is here. We are so excited, every night I am going to bed with a silly grin on my face. WE HAVE PATTERNS! Everything is packaged, our quilts are in the store, and we are just so excited for this weekend. This weekend Material Girls Quilts is having a trunk show and will be featuring FIVE of our quilts. Our, for those of you who don't know, is my dear BFF sister Heather. We are designing quilt patterns and we are called Fresh Poppy Design. So, please check out our blog, I am listing detailed information regarding the trunk show and our quilts/patterns. AND if you love us, or me, or her, PLEASE tell your friends and family about us and link our blog to yours!!! Thank you!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Impressions of Kville

I saw a lady walking a cat. Yes, you read that right. I saw a lady walking a cat, leash and all.

People are SUPER friendly, this couple saw E wearing a BYU t-shirt (unusual I know) and stopped because they were alumni (and not LDS). They were so excited and introduced themselves, and told us to come to them for help with anything, the wife is a professor at Truman (the other university here). I was convinced they were going to sell us something in the end, but no, they were just nice!

The movie theater has sold out ONCE in like the last five years. They sold out ONE night and only ONE showing of Dark Knight.

When the manager ordered up the WalMart, he had a paper with a checklist, right? Okay, I know not really but this is how I picture it in my head. Pretty clean and new looking Walmart, check. Pretty good grocery selections, check. Craft department medium, but in the sub-boxes he opted for a deluxe package in the $1 fabric selection area. And finally, the sporting goods. Not only do they have pink John Deere fabric, but he ordered the "Cabella's" or "Burr" package. There are plastic deer with targets on them in the aisle.

When we went to the hospital for my ultrasound, we waited in a big room to register. It was like the waiting room to heaven, not because it was awesome, meaning all the people there were near death. And I never saw any of the old people come out, I think they were euthanizing them or something. I could feel myself decaying, it was quite the sight, at least 30-40 people like 85+!

There is a big Amish community here, so we see them all over Walmart, dressed in the skirts and hats. My mom even heard one of them speaking old English! They have lots of stands where they sell homemade foods.

There is a farmers market every weekend in the "Square", the main part of town.

Everything in town is within 8 mins.

We are right by a State Park called Thousand Hills Park, it is really pretty with lots of big green trees and a huge pretty lake.

The "town" consists of two universities, an undergrad, Truman State University, and AT Still University (or Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine). So there are lots of college students, young families and old folks!

Ernesto does have a cadaver, he shares with a few other students, he was a 72 year old man, he had heart failure or something, and he donated his body to science. So like once or twice a week they go and take this man apart (sick). The night before the first time he went to anatomy, he ran his finger down my spine, and said, "This is where I am going to cut him tomorrow..." SICK! Then the other night he was telling me they'd have to use a bone saw to get into his spine with this smile on his face, what is he Dexter (the lovable serial killer)?

As always, must add a picture of the Sawyer. His new thing is wearing his towel after his bath like a cape. Funny boy.