Monday, August 15, 2011

My love

Eight years ago today I married my E.
He's the best.
I love him.

This is our first anniversary apart.
In fact it's the longest we've been apart since April of 2002.
It's been too many weeks and I miss E.

Fall 2004

Happy Anniversary Love!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011


We've been in Utah all of July, spent the 4th at Lake Powell and the rest in Salt boys are going to be so bored when we get back home!!  We are seeing friends and family everyday and doing a lot of fun things.  Here are a couple of funny stories I don't want to forget:

Sawyer:  Mom, I want to get 10 dogs.
Mom: Nobody really has 10 dogs, how about we get 1 to start with?
S: How about 4?
M: Let's name the people we know, and how many dogs they have.  How many dogs does FiFi have?
S: 2
M: How many dogs does Peb have?
S: 1...Mom, does Casey Anthony have any dogs?

Me: Ollie, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Ollie: I want me to be big and Sawyer to be little.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sawyer Boy is 4!

Happy 4th Birthday Mr. Sawyer
Free Little Bird by Elizabeth Mitchell and Lisa Loeb
Poker Face by Lady Gaga
Folding Chair by Regina Spektor

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The 2nd Child

This guy.  Oliver, the 2nd child.  He's funny.  He says so many things that I think only a 2nd child would say, having an awesome sibling to show them the ways.

"Is that funny?"

"Is that super duper fast?"

"I want dad's iphone and play Peter Parker."

"I want this one, this one, this one...I want everything!"

"Is that cool?"

"I want you to beat me up dad."

""I'm 3." "I'm 5." "I'm 6."

"Is that a cool cool trick?"

"Holy crap."

"Oh my gosh."

"Is it charging?" referring to the iphone

being rascally and getting into powdered sugar
June 2011

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I left my heart

I always forget how much I love the beach.
I was born in Mission Viejo, CA afterall.
I think I love it, and then we drive on the coast...step in the sand...hear the waves crash...
And I fall head over heels.

The perfect trip.
Three days.
6 hour drive.
Free GORGEOUS home to stay in, by ourselves. (Thanks Tracine and Juan!!)
20 minutes to the beach.
Day 1, Newport Beach and Ruby's Diner.

How to do the beach for boys:
Run for your life.
 how awesome is that photo!?  I only wish it was closer up.

Ollie was taken out a few times, but was a good sport about it.

Telling dad about how awful the water tastes.

Day 2, museum, relaxing.

They were both so serious and intense about laying on the bed of nails.  I've never seen either of them that still for so long when they're awake.

Day 3, Laguna Beach.

Looking at the tide pools where we saw hermit crabs and bigger scarier crabs.

Ice cream before hitting the road home.

Must go back.  Soon.

Monday, May 23, 2011

It's True!

I was so good at posting weekly.  So good. 

Well the last couple of weeks have been crazy!  My amazing in-laws flew from Florida to take care of my boys while I went to International Quilt Market in SLC.  It was so busy, fun, crazy, hectic, overwhelming, exhausting, made me wanna cry, laughed a lot AND I am so doing it again and again.  If you like to craft or fabric or if you're a girl, you would have loved it.  So amazing.  This is a pic of our booth and you can see this post on Quilt Story for more pictures.

Just hours after I left I get a call that Ollie had been throwing up non-stop.  The next few days my poor baby was so sick, losing weight, not keeping anything down.  Bless Celia!!!  Oh my goodness!  They didn't leave the house all week.  Sad.

I think they're friends again. 

We had a lot of fun when I got home...including Chuck E. Cheese, swimming, shopping, Jeopardy challenges, games.  The last night they took me out for my birthday (tomorrow :) at a really cool local place called Joe's Farm Grill.  It's all so nice and fresh, you eat outside and the kids can run around.  Here are some pictures we got there.

Sawyer's face cracks. me. up.
I adore this picture.  It makes me so happy I have sons.  You can tell that he loves her so much.

Hey! Two E's!

I just can't get over these pics.  I just love the silhouette against the sky.

Nana and Papa Jimenez are getting pics of all the boys in the family in the Panamanian Guayabera shirts.  Don't the look so handsome?

Yes!  Ollie is that old!!  He isn't a baby anymore :(

And in other news, Sawyer can swim!

Okay, if you see him please don't throw him in a pool or lake...he's just a beginner.  But it's crazy how fast kids learn!  He's a little fishie now.  He can swim probably 10-15 feet on his own, even coming up for a breath!  He loves diving to the bottom to get his torpedos too. 

Just ask him how to swim, he loves to give people lessons on dry land.  It includes a lot of arm spasms and running.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Holy moly

Today I'm being featured on Moda Bake Shop!!!!

This is like a personal crafting dream of mine.  I love checking out MBS and all the cool projects is a big deal for me and a big deal for our blog!! (At least I think it is)

Moda Bake Shop: it is mostly sewing tutorials.  A lot of quilt tutes, but not exclusively.  They have tutorials on kids clothing, home decor, you name it.  Moda is a fabric distributor and manufacturer.  It is called a bake shop because Moda offers pre-cut fabrics, ie Layer Cakes, Jelly Rolls, Charm Packs, Dessert Rolls...fabrics that are already cut to a certain size for you.

Anyway you can go over and check out my tutorial, maybe even comment? :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


My brothers and their families came over Easter weekend to visit.  It was a blast.  Sawyer and Ollie had 8 cousins playing with them non-stop, we went bowling, ate out, saw a movie, celebrated Easter, went swimming, swimming and more swimming.  Apparently it is STILL SNOWING in Utah!!  My brother Dan and his family kept extending their trip because they couldn't stand the thought of going back to the snow!!

I didn't get very many pictures this weekend.  I'm in a bit of a media crisis right now.  There's some kind of issue with each of our cameras and video camera.  Boo.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited do you think Sawyer is about his Easter candy?

For your general viewing pleasure, blue bunny shaped pancakes for breakfast:

And the Easter bunny was quite thoughtful and got the boys super hero jams.

Just a little more than 2 weeks until quilt market...EEEK!!!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming!

Mr. Sawyer is growing up!!  It's exciting that he's old enough to be able to do classes and things, but at the same time it makes me a little sad.  Is that bad?  Because I know that Ollie is just around the corner from being able to do all the same things too.

Well it's pretty much illegal in AZ for your kids to not know how to swim.  Not really, but as much as we're at the pool, I would  love for him to be a great swimmer.  I never learned how to really swim, but daddy and grandpa are great swimmers, so it must be in him, right?

His first class he got nervous half way through and wanted his life jacket back on and to swim with me and Ollie.  But after a pep talk with daddy, he did great the second time.  He's really proud of himself actually. Here are some pics I got with my camera phone.

In other news...he totally bites his nails!!!  And has for several months.  I had no idea a 3 year old could develop such bad habits.  What do you do?  We tell him to stop whenever we see it, but of course he finds plenty of time to do it.  He says he doesn't want any white on his nails...great.

Maybe taking pictures of it isn't the best idea?  Oops. :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Growth Spurt All Around

To be honest, I've wanted to do a new post because I'm so excited about the new design on my blog! It makes me happy, yes I pull up my blog just to look at it :)  So I've been thinking and thinking, what can I post about?  I think we're do for an all around update.  Perfect.


I'm two

The other morning he asked for a hot dog for breakfast...I gave in.  He ate two.  So gross.
Yesterday morning we were all lounging on the bed and playing, "who wants to..." some question where we all answer, ME!  Well Sawyer said, "Who's Ollie's best friend?" And I answer all sweet and motherly, "Me!" before I could even finish Ollie yelled so loud, "NOT YOU!!!!!!"  Ouch.
He is really funny, runs everywhere, talks way too much, makes me laugh all day long.  And snuggles.
He spends his days playing outside in the sand, eating so much lately and copying Sawyer.

I'm three

He always needs to be on the go.  He's taken up roller-blading (hehe).  He can actually wear them around the house without falling every three seconds.  When he turns 4 he wants a skateboard, and he says "not the wiggly kind, the straight kind"
We all watched Karate Kid over about a week, twenty or so minutes a day (otherwise I don't think he could have paid attention). He loved it.  So many questions.  We've already re-watched the tournament and I have a feeling we will a lot.
He doesn't like to eat.  What will he eat?  Grapefruit, oranges, any fruit really, cereal, warm sandwiches (paninis) and then most everything else takes a lot of talking and bribery.
He spends his days being spider man, getting anyone willing to wrestle or play fight and playing with his little brother.

I'm busy

I have a lot to do before quilt market in May.  I'm excited, nervous, you name it.  How would you feel about this picture?

While it makes me ridiculously giddy, it also makes me think of a lot of work!!  I think I can I think I can.  The good news is that cute argyle pile is going to my mommy for Easter outfits for the boys (thanks mommy!)  And the car fabric was cut up tonight and some of it going to my sisters.  In May my amazing in-laws are coming to stay with my boys so I can go to market.  I have never left my boys for that long!!  I think I can I think I can.  :)  Would I be a really big nerd if I cry?  

Other than that fabric-y stuff I'm trying to balance it all, including this awesome blog that's changed my life (at least this week!), I cooked all of our meals for the week in 1 hour on Sunday.  Awesome.  


Working hard

Love this guy.  He's busy keeping up on everything.  He's such a good daddy for boys.  The weather right now is still cool enough to play outside working in the yard, playing basketball and soccer.  Esto spends his day at a clinic, hospital or his office...and sometimes his nights too. :)  But I do know that right now he could not be more excited about pretty much anything than Jimmer Fredette and those Cougars!  Elite Eight here we come! :)

Don't forget to see my really cute bird family post-separator :)
Happy Birthday, Aunt Laura!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pouring In

It's spring.  I can leave my back door open.  I feel complete peace and happiness, having the door open, warm sun pouring in, and hearing my kids playing and laughing together.  Even if I'm doing dishes, which I was, it is still so nice.
A fabulous time of year.

And soon it will be ridiculously hot, and our AC will run day and night.  BUT the nice thing about extreme heat compared to snow, I can still go out.  We can still drive to the mall and other fun places.  We can still go outside (at like 9 pm).  And swimming.  We can swim in the morning and in the late afternoon, and nothing makes for a fun way to pass the time like swimming.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

According to Sawyer

E recently took a trip..on a was the conversation over the phone:
(Although this was days into the trip, S thinks daddy is just flying round and round in the sky)

S: did you get chips and drink yet?
S: did you get white pop or orange pop?
S: tell the airplane man to go super duper fast

Every phone call would start with, "Daddy I want you to be home any minute!"

Oliver was climbing onto my parents counter, and then heading toward the stove which was NOT on.
Me: Ollie baby that is not a good idea, get down.
S: Ollie, do you want to be on AFV??? (america's funniest videos)

He stole the camera.  Here's the proof.
Pretty much what he thinks about and does everyday.  Sports, sticks, cars and his brother.