Friday, April 30, 2010

Hour by hour

Our day.  Tuesday, April 27th.

There you go.  Typical in that my boy's are up before 7 am often.  Not typical in Sawyer taking a 5 o'clock nap.  Typical in playing outside for hours.  Not typical in Sawyer going to preschool (once a week).

Your turn.

PS I now also go by FIRST LADY.  Well starting next year.  E was elected President of his class.  Way to go babe!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Photos and Funnies

Here's some pics from Easter Sunday in our Easter outfits.  Unfortunately only the boy's got new clothes...lucky.


We were eating breakfast and Sawyer stopped to go upstairs to the bathroom.
Halfway up the stairs he yells:
"MOOOOM" in that long drawn-out tone parents use when warning their kids.
"Don't eat my breakfast, okay?"
And no, I've never eaten his breakfast for him.

Sawyer, how old are you?
I'm 2.
How old is Oliver?
He's 2.
Oh I'm sorry, I'm sorry mom.  I'm sorry...he's 1. 

A couple of weeks ago I was getting Sawyer dressed for bed.
He stops and looks at me big-eyed.
"Mom!!  My bootie got my undies!!"
Think about it, it's funny.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Today I ran my first race.  (I thought long and hard about writing first).  It was a 5K.  My only goal was to run the whole thing, and seeing as in the last 3 weeks I've only ran 2 miles straight, it was a pretty big goal.  And I did it!  Hooray!!  And yes, I feel like a superstar.  Oh, and let me clarify, when I say "run" I mean a nice slow jog.

So here's to the gold sedan at mile 1.5 that scared the crap out of me, I know you tried but you didn't slow me down.

And when I reached mile marker 2 and I thought it would say 3, oh please, I thought "oh goody, I still have another mile to run!"

Here's to you man that I think won in tiny red bootie shorts, although I threw up a little in my mouth when I saw your outfit, you made running look so easy.

And to my friend Kari who at the finish line cheered WOOHOO and raised her arms high in the sky, of which I quickly repeated...I think a photo from the school photographer was taken.  And if that's so, and if that photo shows up anywhere, our friendship is in jeopardy. (Thanks for cheering me on :)

Here's to my shoelace that came undone within the first 3 minutes, thanks for testing me.  If you try it again, I'm getting new shoes.

And to the old man with a beard who I am pretty sure had no official role at all, but merely a random citizen, who escorted everyone to the waters and told us to take as many as we wanted, thanks for the laugh.

And finally, to my two boys who assisted greatly in helping me achieve my current figure, you're so lucky that you are so adorable.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Bananza

Happy Belated Easter! 
We had a great time, 2 egg hunts:

Oliver actually got it! 
He understood to pick up one egg and then the next, I was so impressed.

I went a little overboard with the baskets.
a- all the matching candy at Walmart was just too cute.
b-I had to make them matching crochet animals (that I'm constantly forcing them to love).  I made Sawyer an Octopus and Oliver a Wiener Dog.
c-I made them each a car caddy...which were a bigger pain than I realized...but they actually like those.

Growing up we always have Eggs Benedict conference morning....mmmm

I was a little adventurous for Easter dinner, we didn't want to make a huge ham.  I found some yummy recipes on allrecipes...pork chops and potatoes with a great side dish of asparagus.
Of course we had to color some eggs.
My favorite picture of all.  
So funny, I was surprised he actually went to "it".