Sunday, August 15, 2010


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

His name is Oliver.

Ollie has character.  I think he may be one of "those" boys.  You know, the crazy ones.

He's insanely cute, and funny, and smart or sneaky, however you choose to see it.

He is 19 months old.

He thinks things are funny now and runs up to me with a big grin and says, "bunny".

He knows how to get out of trouble.  A big smile and a very breathy "hi".

He's sneaky.
(you should definitely have your volume on)

He loves doggies.

He only has 6 teeth, 2 on top and 4 on bottom.

He loves books, especially ones with pictures of real things.

He has the greatest smile.

He has the most awesome dance move ever.  His left foot stays planted while he stomps his right foot around in a big circle.

His lips remind me of the Arby's logo.  He gets complimented almost daily on those luscious lippys.

He copies everything his brother does.

He likes to yell, for fun, really loud.

He can say "Momma" "DaDa" "Oyie" and "Der"

He gets tackled more times a day than any NFL star.

He says "cheese" for photos and so we usually get this face:

Love you Mr. O.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Week 1

Since moving in I still haven't felt "done". I've got our office/craft room that is barely socially acceptable...still lots to do in here.  Every room has at least one thing to do before it's "done".

My goal is to post a new room on here weekly (except in a few weeks I'm on hiatus cuz I go to UTAH!)
attention burglars, my hubby will still be here, and he's latino so he can beat you up

This week is my family room, here you have it!

I've posted on Fresh Poppy about how I refinished our new tv console.

I know I know, we're supposed to be poor.  We justified using our deposit from our last place for a new tv...eeek.

Hi mom and dad!

Still to do? Pillows to match new colors and covering my old chair fabric.

I have to say, having painted walls, plenty of natural light and updated finishes throughout the house has made me quite happy!

As a little update...we are doing well!  The heat isn't slowing us down, the boys and I are going somewhere everyday.  It is so fun to have places to go and things to do!  Although we are still quite skimpy in the friend department, we finally have a playdate today!  Wahoo!

Sawyer is loving the pool, I recently got him a life jacket so I don't have to continue to pull muscles trying to keep a hold of both of them at the pool.  He thinks it 's the greatest thing ever.
Sawyer with a ginormo smile floating on his back:
My life jacket is crazy!

I have a big old post planned for Mr Oliver and his recent antics, but for now let's say he's as cute as ever and talking more and more.  And very very funny.

E finished his psych rotation which he liked more than he thought.  His doctor was really great and he had some good stories.  He started OBGYN Monday, it is an hour commute and he has to be on-call once a week :(  But so far he has been home at a decent hour. It's only four weeks, right?

Next week:  The boy's room
Still to do: Somehow get door knobs into the wall to hang their artwork from :)