Friday, October 31, 2008

Check it out!

Okay so Halloween is almost or is over, but you need to check out our Fresh Poppy Design blog. My sister made the CUTEST treat, to die for!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


So I started feeling guilty last night writing in my sometimes journal. Here my second son isn't even born and I am already feeling like I'm neglecting him! I label all my posts, and if you look (on the right side of the blog) it has my labels and how many posts fall under each label. Of my 40 something posts, Sawyer has 24, by far the most (which he is in every one of them, just that I labeled the ones that were specifically about him). Not that this is bad, he is our only baby for crying out loud, it's just that maybe it should be called "Sawyer's Every Moment" blog :) So I thought, hey, why not blog about someone else for a change!

Today S and I went to the storage to get his clothes from "up to 6 months" so I could see what I might need for baby boy 2 since I am going to town soon. As I was going through the baby clothes I got really excited! I have been really overwhelmed thinking of a new baby in the house, I haven't stopped to enjoy it as much as I should! I just started thinking of this little guy in my tummy, who is getting increasingly bigger and bigger, and I just want to meet him! It's crazy thinking of bringing a whole new person to the world. I am looking forward to snuggling this little guy and smelling that newborn it means family will be visiting!
So here is to Baby Boy 2, still unnamed and dutifully searching for one, WE LOVE YOU!

PS The pic is of the super cute quilt my mom made that will be for him, or one the same with different fabrics. She invented it all herself, isn't she fab? Also, his due date is January 10th for those of you wondering...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Scrapping Bug

I am wanting to scrapbook anytime I can lately! And too many things are preventing me :) The first is a ton of journaling, talking all about him as a one year old and some funny stories and about his personality! The second page was from a photo shoot when he was 10 months old at Gardner Village done by my fantabulou sister Heather and third was this May when he was super sick! Last is "The Adventures of Sawyer" which I just printed in an 8 x 10 and put in his little reading "nook".

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Puppy Love

Aren't they so cute? We love having Taylor next door, she and Sawyer have a lot of fun together. There is a big open field nearby that Melissa and I take them on a walk to, and there are sometimes horses. Obviously, there are no horses on this day, but they are looking for them.

Friday, October 10, 2008


E is at the founding school of Osteopathic Medicine. Today was founder's day, namely AT Still, and they have loads of fun activities for everybody, especially the kids. Earlier E went to AT Still's graveside where the president of the school spoke, and he talked about how AT Still used to carry around a bag of bones so he could explain to people how osteopathic medicine works, and no one knows where he got the bones from. Is that creepy or what? If you're interested, you can click here to find out more about him and the school.

So here are some of the fun things we got to do today, starting with the not so fun horse ride. I was really surprised, I thought he would like it. He has recently learned to say "horsey" and makes their sound, we see them on our walks, and he is not scared at all and likes to pet them. So I thought he would be completely up for a ride with a pony, but I guess not! There was a talent show, and Sawyer clapped vigorously for each contestant.
Oh so cute! It's nice to get family time these days, we see E a lot more than I thought we would, but having said that, he is usually here studying and coming out for food :) So it is great when we can spend some time, especially outdoors doing something fun with Sawyer.
"What? Something on my face?" The fire was quite large and hot, his little face was so warm!

He was very upset with me when I had to take him away from the bubbles.
Angrily eating his red Popsicle.
In the bounce house.
We had a lot of fun, they do so many community things here, it's great! They even fed us a dinner...I am all for free food!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


So I don't usually do these, but I thought this was fun, probably WAY more fun for me to do than for you to see, sorry ;) But, each and every one of you reading this are tagged.

Here's the rules:

For each question, look up the answer in a Google Image search. Then choose your favorite image from the first page of results only. You get some fun and often CRYPTIC answers. If you need clarification on any of them leave a comment.

Where I Live:

The City I was Born:
My First Name:

My Screenname:
A Past Love:
A Past Pet:
What I'm Doing Right Now (or before this):
My Favorite Food:

My Favorite Place:
My Favorite Subject:
My Last Name:
My Middle Name:
My First Job:

My Grandmother's names:

My Age:
My College Degree:
Where I'd Like to Visit:

A Bad Habit:
My Best Friend's Nickname:
My Favroite Animal:
My Favorite Colors:

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Today we went to Truman State's homecoming parade. It was exactly what a parade should be, lots of candy, parking right up close, we got there right at the start and sat right at the front! Sawyer loved it, especially the beginning with the police and fire trucks going crazy. But, after he got his first dum dum, the obsession began, and he eventually got two suckers in his mouth. It was a fun little break.
Here are the baby pics as I promised. I am 26 weeks along, ugh! I remember thinking last time I stopped being cute at 30 weeks, and as I haven't started being cute this go around, it's only down hill. Sorry for the creepy body pic, I had just taken a shower, wet hair and no make-up, so I just thought I'd get it over with. Also, apologies for the whitest tummy in the world, put on your sunglasses...but he's too cute kissing his baby brother. He lifts my shirt up and points and says "Baby!" (PS Can I ask for any name suggestions?!? We are having the HARDEST time naming this baby boy! With Sawyer we had his name early, along with a couple others, and it seemed to be so much easier! We can't find one we LOVE. I think it is harder too matching it with Sawyer's please!)

And finally, the couches ;) For those of you who knew, sat on and experienced the previous couches, you can celebrate with me. I hated them with a passion, seeing as they were probably as old as me, we did have them slip covered but they were old, uncomfortable, I whined and whined, and finally right before the move we got a steal of a deal at the RC Willey scratch and dent on a sofa and love seat! They are comfy, durable and cleanable! Wahoo!