Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In a week

Last week...
We got the yummiest English candy in the mail!  Yay!

We've been just playing and playing in the backyard...so nice!

We made pumpkin spice cookies for YM/YW activity

We got free passes to the Children's Museum of Phoenix...more to come on that but so fun!!

Visited daddy on his last day at the hospital for his internal medicine rotation.
And we saw trains.

Barnes and Noble Halloween story time.
S is wearing my uniform from when I was 10.  Awwwwe!

Made yummy lemon bars, stacked blankets and pillows and watched AFV.
(aka America's Funniest Videos)
Quickly becoming a very favorite tradition.
At the start of most video clips Sawyer says,
"that's not a good idea..."

VERY good business week, Heather and I are actually getting some benefits from running our two little blogs...and by "benefits" I mean
(say it like Oprah)

That was our week!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

She came to see ME!

This is one of my besties (that's right E, besties :) from Kville!!!
When she told me a couple of months ago that she was going to fly and see me for a couple of days...almost cried.

She's funny.  Really funny.  I've stolen more than a line or two from her.
She's crafty!
And the best part, her name is Megan too.

We attempted to make these darling backpacks for our boys.  We didn't finish. But we did run into JoAnns at 8:59 pm (really running) to get another package of needles because they kept breaking.  I will finish it soon, this pile is still sitting in my kitchen, hasn't been touched since Wednesday.

She left her two older kids with their grandparents and came with her so sweet and good baby boy Tucker.  Sawyer and Ollie loved playing with him, Sawyer thought he was so funny.

We also swam, went to QT for slurpees, talked a lot, watched Biggest Loser, hit a discount fabric shop...it was fun.

And I took some pictures of her really cute baby.

It was two fast days.  When I went to bed the night before she left I was trying my best not to cry...okay maybe I did a little.  I miss my friends!

I was telling E that first I was looking forward to my friend Ashlie coming, then my brother Rich for a quick trip and then Megan...and now? Crickets.

We all need something to look forward to right??  Quilt Market is in May and that's just too far away :(

However I get E for TWO weeks this Christmas.  That's good news.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Okay okay

The Grandma's
My sweet Momma and Dad are in England (ps my dad is from England so lucky them they get to go all the time. No fair!  When are you taking me to Panama E?).  We've been texting a bit and my mom said that she wants me to post pics of my kids because she misses them!!  So sweet.  And yes, it is really sweet because she has 30+ grandkids.

And to my sweetest mom and dad in Florida that look at our blog all the time to stay connected to us, we love you guys!  I am so sorry that I've stolen your son and taken him West :( 

Here are some recent pics of the babies...a couple of weeks ago at a local splash pad.

Miss you.
Wanna come visit?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Storytime Live!

the other day the back screen was off track and needed to be fixed
s: Mom maybe Team Umizoomi can fix it?
ps Team Umizoomi is a show on Nick Jr, they are a tiny team, they work behind the scenes...

a while later E fixed it and I asked if Sawyer had seen him
e: no
I pulled Sawyer over to the back door and exclaimed
m: Sawyer!  Team Umizoomi came and fixed the door!!
he stared at the backdoor for a long time, but not a word.

My amazing awesome brother Rich was recently in town to see a client and scored us some free tickets to Nick Jr Storytime Live.  Basically it is Nick Jr shows in play format.  We got to see:

Ni Hao, Kailan
Wonder Pets

It was cute.  The boys had fun.  We got to be in a suite and have delicious food and watch the show. OF COURSE E was working that weekend.  Boo.  We missed him.  There was a bunny named Ollie on the WonderPets.  Sawyer found that quite silly.  "That's not Ollie, that's Ollie" pointing to our O of course.

Before we left for the show that day I kept "teasing" Sawyer
m: we're gonna do something really fun today...
s: what??
m: i'm not telling...
after a few of these he got really annoyed
he finally resigned
s: I know where we're going, to Chuck E. Cheese's house.
We've never been, but he insisted
He was definitely happy with the surprise though

I kinda love the idea of Build-a-Bear, in fact my sister Amy took me for my birthday when I was an adult, really.  It's so cute!  I've always wanted to take my boys but knew it would be for me more than them.  I know Sawyer would have fun making it, but he doesn't care for stuffed animals so it would be a waste of money.

Anyway, when we were walking around the shopping center after the show we came across the boys version of Build-a-Bear!  It's called RideMakerz.

They lured us in with a remote control car outside.  It is sooo cute!  The first part you pick out the shell of your car (they have all models, including a blue Mustang GT just like Sawyer likes :)

Then you can add wheels, rims, stickers, etc.  They have this area that looks like a mechanics garage.  In the end you make a personalized license plate.  It is seriously so cute, I wanted to buy them right there on the spot!!  I think we'll definitely have to go back though, maybe for a birthday or Christmas :)

Here's is a video of Ollie being chased by the remote control car.  He would run after it, then when it started to chase him he'd run away yelling, "no, no, no"

Monday, October 4, 2010

Gotta love JibJab

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