Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Our hearts are still there

Our last day in Chicago we fit it all in. We went to the FAMOUS (at least they say) Shedd Aquarium. (It was $19 to park!!!!) It was really fun. In the middle of the show one of the characters ran up the stairs with a penguin and stopped in front of Sawyer so he could pet it. He had a spotlight on him and all, he was shaking he was so nervous.

We ate some lunch then hurried to the Cubs game, which we were late for. It was fun, they won, the boys slept on the subway.

This was the best shot!

After we went to Millennium Park, which was by our hotel, and saw this amazing sculpture the locals call the bean. We thought it looked cool in pics, but we loved it in person. Check out that reflection of the city!

Love and marriage, love and marriage, goes together like a horse and carriage...
So, we loved it. I want to go back again and stay for longer.
And by the way, my sister and I were in the audience on the Sept 18th show of OPRAH. When I was watching her show, having no idea, and I saw them flashback to her and she was wearing the outfit she wore at our taping I jumped out of my skin. Seriously, I was jumping up and giggling like crazy. I couldn't contain my excitement, no one I called could understand me.
For about 5 minutes after my explosion Sawyer was saying, "Oh my gosh" over and over and over. I guess I said that a lot.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cute or Creepy?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

40 years

My parents just celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary! I made this video that was shown at an adult only surprise dinner for them when they returned from an overseas trip. The invite list? All of my siblings, their spouses and my parents, everyone but us :(

For those of you who will be looking for me in the photos, there are seven kids and three sisters in my family, and I am the very youngest of all, so I am only in a few of the last full family pictures.

Also, one of my dad's jokes is to say, "I can't believe 60 years ago I was three." You'll get why I added that when you see the video :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

We left our hearts

Apparently we are big city people. We absolutely loved Chicago. I thought we would be mugged and/or murdered on every street corner, didn't happen, not even once. We even took the subway and walked with the boys through the city at night.

It was a seven hour drive, and more than that with the stops for the boys. All in all they were good, 4 stars each.
Okay, now for the reason you're all reading this. Let me tell you first that I signed a contract to NEVER blog about my experience. But I will tell you that the tv personality I may have seen was fabulous! Just as "she" appears on tv. "She" stayed after to talk to the audience and was oh so nice.

Heather and I, reunited for about 24 hours. We went out to eat, slept (she shared with me and Oliver), may or may not have been to a recording of some kind, went to lunch, shopped on the magnificent mile and back to the airport!
FAQ's. *If* I was at a certain show...
-No, I didn't win anything. There was a book, and "she" said "she" didn't
know why we weren't getting it, "she" said "she" missed that meeting or we would have.
-It was a sad show. One about women being abused around the world.
-I don't know the airdate. We may possibly be on the show with Mariah Carey,
too much to explain, which is Sept 18th. Also I will post
when I see *my* show airing.

Okay, our hotel was amazing. We were within walking distance of everything. They upgraded us to have a view, the best view I've ever had, the Chicago River winding through the city. We were 23 floors up at the Sheraton.
I'm no geography buff, so imagine my surprise to realize we were right on a lake. I know, bless my heart.
The boys did really well. Oliver did have to be held about 90% of his waking hours. *please say it's a phase, please say it's a phase*

We were pretty beat by the end of the day. Me from my television debut *duh*, and E from watching the rugrats a good part of the day. That evening we enjoyed some classic stuffed pan pizza at Giordano's. It was delicious.
Well I have one more day to tell you about on our amazing trip, so keep posted :)

And to all my Kville friends, if you haven't been there yet, YOU MUST while you're here!!! Seriously, I loved it. It was EXPENSIVE, but talk to me, I'll give you some tips ;) Especially on how to get the hottest ticket in town!