Thursday, July 31, 2008

Moving is so soon...

All our bags are packed, we're ready to go...but not on a jetplane, a 17 hour car ride :( So I am STILL not thinking about moving because I don't want to be is just way too sad. All our stuff is gone, thankfully to my parents it's no biggie we just live off of them :) We leave in less than a week. Okay, getting sad. Here are some random pics of fun things going on!

This was just too funny, a week ago there was a deer RIGHT outside the window, even closer than this picture. He came back twice that night to snack on my mom's plants, sorry momma! And Sawyer would "woof" at him.

I just love this pic! He stands on the top deck and moves his little head back and forth and just watches E mow the lawn, how cute is that?

Sawyer loves his grandpa, LOVES! So he's been talking on the phone lately, including calls to Grandma in Florida. First you dial, then you say "Hello." Doesn't sound quite like that, but he does say it! He tries to talk on his food too, so sometimes he will have crumbs at the back of his head at bathtime.

We've been trying to spend as much time as possible with friends and family. We went to a really fun place called Kangaroo Zoo with our good friends, it was really fun. The one of Sawyer on the huge slide so small cracks me up! (He laughed at the bottom, so no he wasn't scared!)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July!!!!

Okay I am a few days late, but I've been busy! Here was our 4th: We went to a parade in Provo with some of my family, including my cute nieces Hannah and Kianna. (P.S. My husband is amazing, I have to brag. He ran a 10K, he finished 12th in his age group and he didn't even train. Plus, he beat my brothers). We had a lot of fun, Sawyer really liked everything, including being fed by his cousins Emily and Brenna!

We spent the middle part of the day napping and hanging out with the girls. We dropped them off at their grandparent's home in Taylorsville so we decided to go to Sugarhouse Park. I was scared, there seemed to be a lot of gangs :) (But really...) And as you can see, Sawyer LOVED himself some Snow Cone.

Finally the fireworks started, it was quite a show. S loved it, he just was staring in awe saying "Wow. Wow." It was very cute. And he learned a new word, BOOM! Happy 4th everyone!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


So we got back from our trip this weekend and here are some of the highlights. The first day we found a place to live, Ernesto's co-worker has actually been there the last two years and he is moving on to clinical rotations in Arizona. So we love the place, it is old, like everything there, but has a dishwasher, hooray, washer and dryer already there for us and it is 3 bed, 1 bath. Nothing there has more than 1 bath, it's crazy! We didn't take ANY pics of our new place, cuz I'm weird...but I'd rather show it to you after we get our stuff in there anyway. So the second day we did some church history, we went to Nauvoo and Carthage Jail, and we were actually there on the anniversary of Joseph Smith's death, so that was special. And on our last day, the way out, we stopped by Adam-ondi-Ahman and Liberty Jail. So here are some pics of our journey.

-S loved the elevator, he would walk off and on himself, and stand a little squated while we went up and down.

-Here we are outside of Carthage, the higher window is the one Joseph fell from.
-The Nauvoo Temple, E was very happy to see as it was being reconstructed while he was serving there on his mission. -On the wagon ride in Nauvoo. -A pretty little spot right outside of Nauvoo and across from the Mississippi River.
-He looked just too cute in the king size bed!
-It was fun for E to show me around where he had served his mission, including Milan (My-lan).
-Liberty Jail.
-At the airport he started acting frantic until he got his toes in his mouth. It was too funny, I had to let him eat them for a minute, even though it was disgusting!
-The final chapter, out last flight home and he slept. Wahoo!