Sunday, December 27, 2009


Love me some wrestling brothers.

What's gonna work? Team work.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone. Don't be sad if you didn't get a card, you know how popular I am. Actually, it was only immediate family...that's how unpopular I really am. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. Sawyer is soaking up every minute of Christmas lights he can and telling any Santa he sees set-up on a roof "gotta be careful".

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

freckle sisters

Happy Happy Birthday sister!!

I have two older sisters, Amy and Heather, and today is Heather's birthday! She really is the greatest big sister in the world, and we have way too much fun together. We talk on the phone, everyday, sometimes for hours...on our bluetooths. We write quilt patterns together and run our Fresh Poppy blog as well. We are practically the same person, except she's a little better at everything than me :)

These pictures are from a couple years ago when we went to California to go celebrity stalking. It was so much fun. Just us girls, we stayed at my parent's house, and by night we went to Hollywood. One of the first places we went was The Ivy and Heather walked up to it first, turned to me laughing so hard tears were in her eyes. She couldn't talk. There was a celebrity. Dawson Leery. As in Dawson of Dawson's Creek.

We were starving that night so we decided to go get some pizza (later we were convinced the pizza guy laced it with something to track us down later...). We were trying to hit some other hot spots when we saw an ambulance heading to a big club. Our hearts were racing. We knew it had something to do with Lindsay Lohan. We found a spot right across the street for perfect viewing, sat on the sidewalk and ate our pizza. There was a sleeping homeless man about 10 feet away. It was awesome. We can't be for sure, but our hearts still tell us that Lindsay was there.

We knew our night was over when we were standing at a street corner and a guy yelled out his window as he was zooming by, "You're @%@$% hot!!" In a panic we raced for our car, while on the way Heather got propositioned with a large wad of cash.

Anyway, I love my sister! Even when I was little, she has always been my friend and never made me feel left out. We've done many ridiculous things over the years, including way too many choreographed dances for our family. But like I say to her, at least she's always 7 years older :)
Happy Day FiFi!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Two Nine

Happy Birthday love!! December 7, 1980 at 1:45 pm Panama time :)

29 things you may or may not know about the man I call E:

He had a Michael Jackson jacket as a kid and practiced his dance moves.

He knows every episode of Full House and Saved by the Bell.

He LOVES Garth Brooks

He is a really great singer, and no fun to sing karaoke with because he just makes me feel silly :)

In 2007 he had back surgery from a slipped disk. He was unable to walk for weeks.

He was born in Panama.

He loves every sport, especially basketball to play.

He was wined and dined by the University of Pennsylvania and would have attended, but thankfully BYU got his major (neuroscience) so he changed his mind :)

He served his LDS mission in Peoria, Illinois and included areas like Milan MO and he would attend church right here in Kville (although he never lived here).

His first language is Spanish.

He drove by himself from Florida to Utah.

He has an older sister, Celi, and a younger sister, Laura.

He's entered a karaoke contest, auditioned with me for a show on the WB and Deal or No Deal and danced in some Hawaiian skirt on stage at BYU.

He loves to play XBOX and is really good at Guitar Hero, although we haven't really played since leaving my parent's home theater.

When we were deciding if we were marrying (DTR) he said, "2003 works for me". Awe. His favorite shows include 24, The Office, So You Think You Can Dance, Arrested Development...

While training at the MTC, he was walking along and jumped up to touch the side of the roof *stop now if you're weak in the tummy*. He didn't come down, he was hanging from his ring which was shoved up through his skin to the knuckle. It was his class ring and he has a nice fat scar.He has really long arms. I once said he had freakishly long arms, and they are.

We went to an Air Force Base and got to see the president land on Air Force One, he gave a little speech, and went down the line of the railing (which we were standing at) and he high-fived everyone except about the ten feet around and including us. He and his family are converts. He was 13 when he was baptized.

We took a trip together in 2007, when I was 7 months pregnant with Sawyer, to England and Scotland. It was our most favorite trip.

He's an Eagle Scout. He has two really great parents in Florida who treat him like a King.

If you still can't figure him out, he's being funny :)

He is a great latin dancer, although he will only strut his stuff when he's dancing with his family.

In elementary school he would have contest with his friends of who could make the best graphs and charts.


He is Ernesto Jr., so his family calls him Rey, king in Spanish.

He is the greatest daddy and hubby in the world. Love you.