Thursday, August 27, 2009

They say it's windy

They also say that you can see Oprah there, I'm talking Chicago. And shut the door, in fact, slam it. I got tickets to see Oprah. You don't have to read that again, I got tickets to see Oprah!!!!!

I haven't worked out the last two days, not necessary, my heart rate is through the roof.

The best part? My sister is flying for the day to come with me!!

The worst part? I have to get my outfit to the best dressed audience on TV at JCPenny.

I'm spending my days daydreaming of Oprah inviting us up after for tea with her and Gayle. Maybe Stedman too. I'll fill you all in on the details and let you know when you may catch the back of my head on TV.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

6 years ago today

August 15, 2003 we were married in American Fork Utah, Mt Timpanogas Temple.
Right after we were married a lady called me Sister Jimenez, but pronouncing the hard "J" sound. I corrected her and she told me that's not how they'd say it in California.
I was 3 months 20 and E was 22.
I vividly remember the next morning we were sitting on the plane to Florida. We were holding hands, sitting in first class, and I was so giddy to be his WIFE. I thought I wanted to freeze that moment forever.
It's also my brothers' birthday today, but they don't read my blog so I won't wish them a happy birthday.
E, I love you. The first thing that attracted me to you was your smile and your sense of humor. They're still my favorite, even though I have to tell people when you're joking.
You're the best :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Brothers? I think so...

Many people ask whether we think the boys look alike, and from others feedback it seems as though a lot of people don't think they do. When Sawyer was a baby he was very serious, much like he is now, and he would give little smiles. Occasionally he would give a ginormo smile, and I only got ONE on camera. I LOVE this photo because it was his happiest face and didn't happen too often. Switch to Oliver, and he smiles the EXACT SAME WAY, just all the time. At us, strangers, animals...he is just a very smiley and happy baby.

So, in my opinion, the only thing different really is their eyes. Ollie is more almond shaped with arched eyebrows like me. Sawyer has bigger rounder eyes and straight eyebrows like E :) Oh, and of course lil Soy's ears stick out like his papa!

We've moved Sawyer to a big boy bed. The transition was really easy, as he was able to get out of his crib anyway. Well, the other night we thought he was asleep but found his bed like this at 10 pm:

E said as they were cleaning up the books, Sawyer would pick one up, flip through it really fast, ya know to get one last good read, and then hand it to E and do the same thing over again.

Here he is snoozin' like he should be:
Other than our boys, we are really good! It's HUMID which kills me sometimes, especially when we go outside to play. E is doing really well in school , and at the end of August he will officially be a second year at which point we get a week long break! Wahoo and we are probably going on a fabulous vacation...