Saturday, May 29, 2010

Checking in

I haven't posted much in a couple of weeks, and that will probably be true for the next few weeks.
We're counting down the days until we move.  There aren't many more left.

The last weeks have been spent saying goodbye to friends :(
And more to say goodbye to.
Celebrating my birthday in Columbia (wahoo!)
and awesome friends here who made it the best.
This is starting to sound like a poem,
the only word that rhymes next is chest.

That's what I get for always centering my text.

I have officially packed 4 boxes as of today.
I hate moving more than anything on this earth.  I haven't cried yet, but I know there are many tears to come.

E has been studying intensely for boards.
And the boys and I did a photo shoot!
I still have to perfect my technique, most of the shots were overexposed.  I'm just using trial and error for now, until I can sit down with the manual and read read read.  Thanks heavens for photoshop and actions, I can still enjoy the pictures thanks to them!

And that's a wrap :)
**I should mention my mommy made those darling Seersucker shorts for my boys.  The pockets are lined with puppy fabric.  So sweet. Thanks momma!!**

Friday, May 14, 2010


Mom!!  Hurry mom look and see! Hurry hurry!
I ran back into my bedroom.
Sawyer barely moves his eyes to meet mine.
Look mom, I made the letter "C"
Sure did.

Walking into Walmart.  There's a guy smoking outside.
Mom he has fire.  Mom that guy has fire.
He's a fireman.
Not quite.

E was in Washington D.C. for about 5 days.
There is a rec center here for the students called the T.C.C.
Mom where is dad?
He's in Washington D.C.
Oh. Washington T.C.C.

I was on the phone repeating my 7 digit phone number.
I don't remember why.
Okay. Pizza.
Sawyer in the back immediatly repeats all 7 digits.
He now knows my phone number.
Promise.  You can quiz him.

Our grass has been covered with dandelions.
Sawyer and his friend Taylor are running around and picking them.
Dandelion! Dandelion!
Taylor runs and gives one to her dad, "Dandelion!"
Sawyer runs and hands one to me,
A Mommy-Lion!

It's hard to put this guy into words, since he doesn't say much.
What he does say is funny.
That's if I'm trying to dress him, close a door or if I'm just generally in his way.

I call him baby pterodactyl now.
Sometimes he has this yell/screech...
I am confident it's what a pterodactyl sounded like.
(Good thing there's spell check, that's one tricky "p")

He still gives the most adorable and cheesy grins in town.

He LOVES to be outside, eat cheese and hot dogs, harass Sawyer, devour fruit snacks, take baths, throw sticks and rocks, read books, when daddy comes home and his binky.

He DOES NOT love getting his teeth brushed, having his diaper changed, any vegetable or grown-up food, when Sawyer harasses him or when mommy leaves.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

They became more and more hideous

Pssst....there are some bird eggs in here.

This is their last cute photo.  Once these little guys hatched, U-G-L-Y.  Worse, hideous.  Mounds of flesh.  We liked watching them grow everyday over a couple of weeks, but I don't think Sawyer or Oliver believed that they were birds until the very end.

Too bad that's not in focus, cracks me up.

And now they've grown up and flown away.  We still look at their empty nest.

Monday, May 10, 2010

While he was away

E recently went to Washington DC for a few days, for what I am still unsure.  I assume it was important.  Something to do with some club and DO Day on the Hill...he loved it.  I was sad for two reasons, 1 he was leaving us for too long and 2 neither of us had been anywhere in the north-east.  Guilty.  Jealous.

Well, we missed him.  His car was still out front and a couple of times Sawyer would insist he was home.  They both flipped when he walked up to the door.  Followed by a good snuggle session.

And here's a rare photo of our giant heads, just for Ashlie :)

I don't have any pictures on this computer of his trip...gotta get on that.

He left on a Wednesday and returned on Sunday.  On Friday I was suddenly inspired to CLEAN and re-DECORATE our room.  Why do I do things like this? 

Well I have many more pictures, including before and afters that I will be posting on my Fresh Poppy blog.  But I just can't wait and I wanted to show a bit now!  And so my mommy can finally see it since she can't get picture texts!  Here you go:

I got all this fabric last summer and knew I would use it in my room.

Insert the perfect color large gray pillows behind the three small pillows, I cannot find the right fabric here!!!
It all started thanks to Sara and her fabulous spray-painted lamps.  Which inspired me to re-cover the lamp shades and spray paint the headboard.  I couldn't find a fabric I liked for the shades so I made a stencil and painted the fleur de lis pattern on the shades.  Anyway, it isn't something you'd see in a magazine, but it is such an improvement! I can't wait to see it in AZ, it will look so much better I'm sure ;)