Sunday, August 24, 2008

And the little man talks

So we got some cute footage of the little guy talking so we thought we would post so you can all see him in real life again. He seems to be saying everything now! Crazy how fast it happens. All day today he was looking at me saying "hi" over and over. In the cutest video I was holding a picture of me, Ernesto and my parents. I would put to each person and he would say our names!! And then he grabbed the frame from me and started kissing it, and if I'd pull it back he said "No no no" and peeled my fingers away. Anyway, I couldn't get it to upload, but I am going to try really hard because it was so cute! So enjoy ;)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The White Coat Ceremony

Gramma. My mommy left today and we are so sad. She is the best. She did so much around here, helping with Sawyer's built in in his room, painting a million things, refinishing and touching up furniture, managing the kitchen, noticing leaks, unpacking and breaking down a million boxes, going to WalMart at least once a day, playing with Mr Sawyer and being my friend! We are so glad she was here and were really sad to see her go. After a Walmart trip, I'd say "Give me the receipt so we can pay you back." And she'd say "Oh no, it was all for me." She tried to pull this more than once, just not too convincing when she lives states away. Not the most fun thing in the world, taking a 17 hour car ride, helping unpack for a week, driving 3 hours to the airport and then a connecting flight home. She is such a selfless person and never complains about anything. We love her very much and can't wait for her to come back! The White Coat Ceremony. It was very cool. The class of 2012 (about 160) all received their white coats as the beginning of their journey. Each of the students walked up to the microphone and stated their name, undergrad school and major. Then they were coated by the dean. There were a couple of interesting majors, including theater! But mostly biology and sciences. A lot of masters degrees as well. Most students are from Missouri, and then Utah. Afterwards, at refreshments, a guy was looking around and said, "I heard there are a lot of mormons here."

So, caution, the following pics are just of Sawyer, just to warn you. He just looked so stinking cute, and we were on this old university with huge trees and an amazing setting, so my mom and I had to take the photo shoot. Not to mention, I don't think he has ever got so much attention, it was like a movie, every group we walked by was oohing and aaahing. PS He forgot his clubs at home.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


We're going to have another baby boy! We are so happy and excited! I just keep imagining two little boys that look the same running around and causing a lot of mischief! I didn't really have a clue with this one (I was convinced Sawyer was a boy), I kept going back and forth, but I thought more girl than boy. I guess I am trying to even things out, my parents will have 20 grandddaughters and 13 grandsons by next year. And E's parents are opposite, they have only one little princess and will have 5 grandsons. Boys are so fun, I guess I am a mom of boys! Since I've only got a Walmart out here, I am going to have a hard time making them match. :( Pressure is on for #3 (which is a LONG ways away) to be a girl, because what if all my crafting goes unappreciated?! SAD!

Had to add a picture of proud big brother. Since he's recently become a climber, he decided to try out the butter the other day. He gagged.

Monday, August 11, 2008

We're here....

We're here, and to prove it, we've arrived! Sorry, one of my dad's :) After three days of travel, we made it here. And you can ask Sawyer, it wasn't that comfortable. But lots of dvds and snacks kept him very well behaved, we were impressed. We left about 1 pm on Wednesday and had to stop a little sooner than we wanted in Cheyenne WY because of a t-storm. (We saw a lightning bolt hit a 100 ft telephone pole, it was really cool.) The next day was the longest, probably 9-6 in the car, with an hour lunchbreak at Applebees, and we made it to St Joe's in enough time to see the finale of So You Think You Can Dance. We only had a couple of hours left the next day, which was great, and we pulled into Kville about 2 pm. We got our cars unloaded, got some things figured out, and then our Upack arrived at the same time as 6 somewhat strangers (other students) pulled up to help us unpack. It took a couple hours and then everything was in and we were so glad they came, I was amazed! How nice is that! So since then we've been working hard, unloading boxes and trying to get settled. I've said it before and I will say it again, COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT MY MOMMA! Or could have, but probably three times longer. She's amazing and such a hard worker, we love her and will be really sad for her to go. Here are a couple of pics from the trip. We miss you and love you all ;)

So our little climber is scary, have to keep our eyes on him. Here there was one tiny little box in the kitchen, he climbed up and perched on the corner, funny boy.
So we still have a lot to do. Most of the boxes are gone, but there are things to organize and decorations to go up and many a craft projects. I am so glad to have my momma, she's been amazing, and she is so helpful. We've already got so much done because of her! And PS, we get to find out what kind of tiny baby is in my tummy this Thursday, so if you even care, check back that night and I will tell you....

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

CryFest '08

Goodbyes are horrible. I think some of the hardest will be with my parents. We live with them and they are part of our everyday life. They are unbelievably kind and helpful and giving and everything. I can only hope to grow to be parents like them. It will be especially sad to not have the everyday interaction with Sawyer. He loves them very much, and I know the sentiment is returned. I love that he is so close to my parents. We love them and will miss them everyday.
We had to say goodbye to our BFF's Ashlie and Luke. Ashlie made us a DVD of pics over the last few years, we've been friends practically since we were both married and then had baby boys practically together. We love our friends and will miss them a lot.
Ernesto's work had a going away dinner for him and a couple of co-workers who were also leaving at Rodizio's. It was delicous and a fun night. There have been a lot of great things about Ernesto's work, and they are really thoughtful and nice. I know E will miss it there.
My parents and family threw us a going away bash. All of the kids were here, and it was a lot of fun to have everyone together. Activities included a treasure hunt, and making adorable cards for E, S and me. (Garen's card had Sawyer and E drawn in brown marker, me with an orange :) And a water balloon toss, which Geoffrey and Lawson won. But Hannah was the real winner, as you can see below:
We had fishing and a bubble-gum blowing contest. Saylor, Lara and Cheyenne had 3 inch bubbles, way to go! Here is my cute niece Savannah doing the bubble gum contest, doesn't she look adorable? For some reason her gum wouldn't work so good to give her a huge bubble, but I've seen her blow them really big before. I sure am going to miss this sweet girl.
We had a jello eating contest. Team #1 won! Wahoo. The kids loved it, example Saylor with the Jello coming out of her nose. While looking at these blonde/brown heads, I thought I was happy to be bringing a little variety to the family.
There was facepainting at the party. Heather and Kasey were the artist (as far as I know) and they did a great job. Here is a sampling: Clockwise: Mckenna, Heather and Saylor, Emily, Rylee CW: Garen, Geoffrey, Cheyenne, Liberty
CW: Hannah, Jasmine, London and Dan's back
We had so much fun at the party. In the end, after some water fights, see below, it was super sad. Thus CryFest '08. To those of you who stuck around to witness, it was quite the scene. I had several nieces crying outloud, and I was bawling as well. It was really really sad, and I was really overwhelmed by how much we're going to be missed. I love you all sooooo much. As I told the little girls, we will still talk all the time and write letters. I will get my address out ASAP, because I will need care packages ;) I am really going to miss my family, they are my closest friends. I see my sister Heather AT LEAST twice a week, and it is going to be really hard to not see her all the time. I love you guys, we'll be in touch as we get there.