Saturday, December 18, 2010


There is a song by Taylor Swift called The Best Day.  I see the video at the gym and have to try not to watch, otherwise I turn into a puddle on the treadmill.  It is home videos of her with her family and just has really sweet lyrics.  The last bit is:

And I didn't know if you knew
So I'm taking this chance to say
That I had the best day
With you today

And today was the best day.  The little boys and I ran some errands, we went to the library and picked out random new books.  Then I found a calendar and saw that Santa was at a local park, we walked right up and got to see him, no wait at all.  We took pictures and walked around downtown Chandler.  Afterwards we went and fed ducks at the park and played.  We came home and watched Yes, Virginia and it was cute.  When it was done Sawyer turned to me with a big smile.  Then I read them Polar Express.  It was just a nice, happy day with my little boys.

The other night, about 20 minutes after I laid the boys down, I saw Sawyer run across the open doorway.  I was sitting at the kitchen table sewing and he ran into the dining room.  He was checking our advent calendar where I told him a little elf comes every night and leaves a Hershey kiss for him and Ollie.  He's been known to wake at 6 am, go get the candy, eat it, and go back to sleep for an hour or two.  After he saw that the elf hadn't come he came into the kitchen and I explained that he wouldn't come until the whole house was dark and we were all sleeping.  He asked if I was going to sleep after I finished sewing.  I said yes :)  I told him he needed to go back to bed and he listened and started walking to his room.  He turned around after a few steps and said, "Merry Christmas mom."  It was just such a sweet and sincere moment.  I told E that I think that moment will stick in my mind forever.  Just a time where your heart unexpectedly swells with love.  My sweet three year old boy in his bright green footie monster jammies turning and wishing me a merry Christmas. 

Merry Christmas

Monday, December 13, 2010

Getting ready

The jury it still out.  I'm deciding how Christmas will feel without cold, snow...all of it.  Growing up in Colorado and Utah...then moving to Missouri, I've always had a cold Christmas.  Last year we spent Christmas day in Florida, but we celebrated our own Christmas a few days before.  Actually, jury just came in.  It's not the same.  It is still fun and exciting, people decorate their homes and everything does seem cheerier, but the whole feel is just different.  Boo.

It took me a bit longer to get our Christmas set up this year, but it's finally done.  To see the "pretty" finished pictures and more of the home decor stuff, I just did a post on our blog Fresh Poppy, so check it out :)

Here is some of our family decorating.  Little kids decorate trees so stinking cute.

I've been trying to keep the tradition (from my family) of a new ornament for the kids each year.  This year they chose stars.

Isn't that the best??  Like a million ornaments on one branch, everything on one side of the tree...and they couldn't be prouder :)

This year I also got them their own tree to have in their room.  They chose to decorate it blue, of course :)  Daddy was proud.  I've promised that they can sleep with the tree on for Christmas eve.

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Three Oh

See this guy right here?
I love him.

Today is Pearl Harbor Day.
AND his 30th birthday!!!
Check out last years post to see pics of him as a cutie pie baby and learn some "fun facts" :)

Truth be told, he kinda hates the spotlight.  But that's what a birthday is all about.
Here's to my E.

the best daddy in the whole world...yesterday I watched him out the window as he tried to help Oliver ride his trike correctly...just one of those moments where your heart swells and you feel soooo lucky

thanks for letting me put my icy cold feet on your feet every single night

thanks for always telling me I'm beautiful

thanks for being so random and funny, and sorry that sometimes I roll my eyes :)

thanks for singing "cool songs" to Sawyer and Ollie

thanks for getting up so early every day and going out there for us...little sleep...little appreciation...thank you

thanks for taking care of the stinky icky garbage

thanks for helping me be spontaneous

thanks for listening to me whine and complain

thanks for taking our boys "down to China town" almost nightly

There are so many great things about you.
I'm the luckiest girl.
I totally scored.

Love you E!  Happy Birthday!!