Monday, May 23, 2011

It's True!

I was so good at posting weekly.  So good. 

Well the last couple of weeks have been crazy!  My amazing in-laws flew from Florida to take care of my boys while I went to International Quilt Market in SLC.  It was so busy, fun, crazy, hectic, overwhelming, exhausting, made me wanna cry, laughed a lot AND I am so doing it again and again.  If you like to craft or fabric or if you're a girl, you would have loved it.  So amazing.  This is a pic of our booth and you can see this post on Quilt Story for more pictures.

Just hours after I left I get a call that Ollie had been throwing up non-stop.  The next few days my poor baby was so sick, losing weight, not keeping anything down.  Bless Celia!!!  Oh my goodness!  They didn't leave the house all week.  Sad.

I think they're friends again. 

We had a lot of fun when I got home...including Chuck E. Cheese, swimming, shopping, Jeopardy challenges, games.  The last night they took me out for my birthday (tomorrow :) at a really cool local place called Joe's Farm Grill.  It's all so nice and fresh, you eat outside and the kids can run around.  Here are some pictures we got there.

Sawyer's face cracks. me. up.
I adore this picture.  It makes me so happy I have sons.  You can tell that he loves her so much.

Hey! Two E's!

I just can't get over these pics.  I just love the silhouette against the sky.

Nana and Papa Jimenez are getting pics of all the boys in the family in the Panamanian Guayabera shirts.  Don't the look so handsome?

Yes!  Ollie is that old!!  He isn't a baby anymore :(

And in other news, Sawyer can swim!

Okay, if you see him please don't throw him in a pool or lake...he's just a beginner.  But it's crazy how fast kids learn!  He's a little fishie now.  He can swim probably 10-15 feet on his own, even coming up for a breath!  He loves diving to the bottom to get his torpedos too. 

Just ask him how to swim, he loves to give people lessons on dry land.  It includes a lot of arm spasms and running.